Life with Murder (Clip)

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  • John Kastner,
  • ,
  • 1 min 51 s

When their son is accused of murdering his sister, a mother and father face perhaps the most awful decision any parent could have to make: whether to break with their son or accept him back into the family. With astonishing footage shot over a ten-year period, from minutes after the crime was committed to the present, the film follows the family’s evolving relationships.


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Générique du film

John Kastner
John Kastner
John Kastner
Deborah Parks
Silva Basmajian
Greg West
directeur de la photographie
Mark Caswell
John Westheuser
Bruce Fowler
Doug Kaye
Amy Barnes
Sean Evans
superviseur du montage sonore
Stephen Barden
mixeur du repiquage
Stephen Barden

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