The Last Voyage of Henry Hudson

This short film realistically portrays the conflict Henry Hudson experienced when he went in search of an open water route to the Orient, and no one would follow him. What he discovered instead was an inland sea, a discovery that ended in tragedy.

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Richard Gilbert
Richard Gilbert
producteur exécutif
Guy Glover
Charles Cohen
Denis Gillson
Leo O'Donnell
George Croll
Dennis Sawyer
montage sonore
Sidney Pearson
Peter Donat
Powys Thomas
Drew Thompson
Tony Van Bridge
Hugh Webster


  • emmanational

    «"History will judge us" was certainly a great line, with the well-acted response from Green that Hudson must already be insane. One wants to side with the carpenter who joins Hudson in the small boat, but the mutineers probably saved their own lives. Had they continued, a fiercer winter would certainly have met them. An interesting question this film brings up, that was certainly never raised in high school history classes; to what extent were the explorers madmen? Risking lives for an imagined dream that history proved a myth.» — emmanational, 3 Aoû 2010

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