I've Never Had Sex

This short film made with the video camera on a cellphone is part of MobiDOCS: Confessions in a Digital Age. The director asks questions to the participants about their sexual experiences. Based upon the arcade game of the same name in which participants are required to either agree or disagree with the proposition "I've Never Had Sex...."

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  • kruscito

    «@Howyudon --> The cast is listed in order of appearance at the end of the film. If you want a list you can check while watching, here you go! http://www.onf-nfb.gc.ca/eng/collection/film/?v=h&lg=en&id=55806 » — kruscito, 3 Oct 2011

  • Howyudon

    «Who's that white haired guy who laughed the whole time? He looks familiar.» — Howyudon, 1 Oct 2011

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Générique du film

Robert Kennedy
Silva Basmajian
directeur de la photographie
Robert Kennedy
Robert Kennedy
Johnnie Eisen
Kelci Archibald
Marcia Connolly
Dobrila Tomic
Daniel Garber
Chris Mills
Daniel O'Brien
Janis Demkiw
Kateri Monsalvez
Ryan Feldman
Ryan English
Phil Villeneuve
Brooke Gagné
Graham Hollings
Izida Zorde
Laura Cowell
Keith Cole
Nobu Adilman
Ryan English
mixage son
Alan Geldart Sound Inc.
producteur exécutif
Silva Basmajian
Anna Grieve

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