The Intertidal Zone

This documentary explores the ecosystems of the intertidal zone in British Columbia. An "intertidal zone" is an area that is covered by the highest tides and exposed during the lowest. The filmmakers study the ecology of this unique environment, including its life cycles and food chains.

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David Denning
David Denning
George Johnson
producteur exécutif
John Taylor
Bruce Giesbrecht
montage sonore
Charles Wilkinson
Paul Sharpe
Stan Peters
Bruce Ruddell


  • jchirazi

    «I loved the documentary, it was very well done! » — jchirazi, 3 Jan 2013

  • MandySCUBAholic

    «i am absolutely loving this video...the quality is great, the information is valuable...just did a Benthic Community course for my marine major and this was an aspect of it. Thank you guys and continue producing valuable information. (Jamaican)» — MandySCUBAholic, 25 Nov 2011

  • jpomerleau

    «@nonobots! yeah, me too! NFB's great!» — jpomerleau, 16 Oct 2009

  • «man t'as tellement raison» — , 14 Oct 2009

  • «I didn't know that food chains could be found underwater ! A typical rocky shore can be divided into a spray zone or splash zone (also known as the supratidal zone), which is above the spring high-tide line and is covered by water only during storms, and an intertidal zone, which lies between the high and low tidal extremes. Along most shores, the intertidal zone can be clearly separated into the following subzones: high tide zone, middle tide zone, and low tide zone.» — , 14 Oct 2009

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