Part of the Daughters of the Country series, this dramatic film features a young Ojibwa girl from 1770 who marries a Scottish fur trader and leaves home for the shores of Georgian Bay. Although the union is beneficial for her tribe, it results in hardship and isolation for Ikwe. Values and customs clash until, finally, the events of a dream Ikwe once had unfold with tragic clarity.

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Générique du film

Norma Bailey
Norma Bailey
producteur exécutif
Michael Scott
Ches Yetman
Wendy Lill
Ian Elkin
Richard Patton
Lara Mazur
montage sonore
Gloria Thorsteinson
Clive Perry
John McCulloch
William Ballantyne
Patrick Bruyère
Jamie Hardisty
Hazel King
Vicky Klyne
Kim McCaw
Marion Moneyas
Sarah Peebles
Gladys Taylor
Geraint Wyn Davies
Wally McSween
David Gillies
Blake Taylor

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  • roggy

    «July/August 1985, was when this movie was shot.» — roggy, 6 Nov 2012

  • kruscito

    «@awawia --> In 1986!» — kruscito, 2 Déc 2011

  • awawia

    «When was this filmed???» — awawia, 1 Déc 2011

  • LwilliamsHWMB

    «Actually I played the baby the whole time, Ikwe and her husbands baby, proud to be apart of it even though I dont remember it!» — LwilliamsHWMB, 29 Nov 2011

  • LwilliamsHWMB

    «I was the baby in the winter scene with the teepee :D i have this movie somewhere on VHS» — LwilliamsHWMB, 29 Nov 2011

  • carlosporto

    «Nice movie.» — carlosporto, 30 Jan 2011

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