In this animated short, director Peter Foldès depicts one man’s descent into greed and gluttony. Rapidly dissolving and ever-evolving images create a contrast between abundance and want. One of the first films to use computer animation, this satire serves as a cautionary tale against self-indulgence in a world still plagued by hunger and poverty.

Ce film traite d'un sujet controversé. Pour un public averti

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Peter Foldès
Peter Foldès
René Jodoin
Alan Ward
Richard Michaud
Pierre Lemelin
Nestor Burtnyk
Marceli Wein
Michel Descombes
Pierre F. Brault


  • maniacmrsn

    «pretty giggity» — maniacmrsn, 13 Jan 2014

  • DbaiG

    «What a genius has worked behind this creation! We all know that hunger is one of the hottest issues of the world. At one hand we have kids with empty bellies and barren eyes looking at us with the hope of getting food and on the other hand there is this self-centered indulgence. Very dexterously it has been satirized in the film. Great job guys! DbaiG» — DbaiG, 8 Oct 2013

  • enigmaticeasteregg

    «A creative portrayal of how human desire isn't necessarily limited by anything that has to do with reality.» — enigmaticeasteregg, 26 Mar 2012

  • Darkhillpic28

    «Disburbing...» — Darkhillpic28, 29 Mar 2010

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