The Hole Story

The Hole Story

In this feature documentary, Richard Desjardins and Robert Monderie continue in the same provocative vein as their earlier Forest Alert, this time turning their lens on Canada's mining industry. Using striking images, rare archival footage and interviews, The Hole Story analyzes company profits and the impact of mining on the environment and workers’ health.

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  • réalisation
    Richard Desjardins
    Robert Monderie
  • recherche
    Richard Desjardins
    Robert Monderie
  • scénario
    Richard Desjardins
    Robert Monderie
  • narration
    Richard Desjardins
  • caméra
    Alain Dupras
    Marc Gadoury
  • prise de son
    Richard Lavoie
  • montage
    Hélène Girard
  • montage sonore
    Claude Beaugrand
  • musique originale
    René Lussier
  • producteur
    Colette Loumède
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    Pascale Bilodeau
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  • PierreGL

    I think this documentary was well done. The movie is focused on documenting opposition to mining companies in Canada, and it does a good job at it. However, the Hole Story does not offer a complete portrayal of the Canadian mining industry, and it shouldn't be marketed as such.

    PierreGL, 5 Oct 2015
  • Mackenna

    I wish every Canadian would watch this film and realize our politicians do not serve the interests of ordinary citizens or the society at large, just the interests of corporations. We need to elect social democrats who value the land, the people and the resources.

    Mackenna, 9 Aoû 2015
  • ShawnaHogan

    Thank you. I'm ashamed to say, I had no idea this is happening in my own back yard. Now that I do know, I feel a responsibility to my children and my country to do something about it. Count me in.

    ShawnaHogan, 29 Jan 2015
  • kruscito

    @MGSharp03 -- According to the music cue sheet, the song is called 'War Down Below' and was written by Charles Angus (the MP who sings it onscreen). The rest of the score was written specifically for this film by René Lussier.

    kruscito, 8 Jan 2014
  • MGSharp03

    There is a song in this documentary with the Lyrics "we we're soldiers in the war down below" or something close. I am trying to find this song. can anyone help with this? thx.

    MGSharp03, 8 Jan 2014