Harvest in the Valley

Harvest in the Valley

This short documentary depicts the harvesting of a large crop of potatoes in the St. John Valley, New Brunswick. The film documents the motor-driven machines that lay bare the rows of tubers, the crews of potato pickers at work in the fields as well as the sorting and grading of potatoes at a large Grand Falls warehouse.

Générique du film

Larry Gosnell
Larry Gosnell
Larry Gosnell
producteur exécutif
David Bairstow
Grant Crabtree
Clarke Daprato
Maureen Balfe
Percy Rodriguez
Robert Fleming

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  • jmatlin

    «@jeanline - I'm looking into it for you.» — jmatlin, 25 Jan 2012

  • jeanline

    «How can we get a copy of this video? This is my husbands grandfather and uncles and aunts!» — jeanline, 25 Jan 2012

  • jeanline

    «I would love a copy of this short film! How would I go about getting one? This is my husbands grandfather, aunts and uncles!» — jeanline, 25 Jan 2012

  • CliffordH

    «Very, Very good film from our community (New Denmark) and the harvesting and packaging of potatoes in the 1950's. It brings back memories!» — CliffordH, 15 Jan 2012

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