The Golden Age

The Golden Age

| 29 min

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This short documentary celebrating a half-century of flight (the first human flight, powered by the Wright brothers, took place on 17 December 1903) examines the state of aviation in the late 1950s. The question, at that juncture, no longer was whether men could fly, but how fast and how far, and the film describes and reviews the top aircraft of the day: turbo-jets, stratocruisers, and missiles that outstrip the speed of sound. Part 3 of Salute to Flight, a 3-part film series about aviation.

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  • réalisateur
    Richard Gilbert
  • producteur
    Thomas Farley
  • producteur exécutif
    Peter Jones
  • scénario
    Stuart Nutter
    William Weintraub
  • photographie
    John Foster
    Ray Jones
  • son
    Michel Belaieff
    André Hourlier
  • montage
    Martin Defalco
  • montage sonore
    Kenneth Heeley-Ray
    Sidney Pearson
  • ré-enregistrement
    George Croll
  • musique
    Malca Gillson

  • bayvista

    I don't see the film when my web page loads. Is this a DVD?

    bayvista, 25 Sep 2012