Gentleman Jekyll and Driver Hyde

This short doc is a novel look at driver safety and the consequences of a change from Jekyll to Hyde behind the wheel of a car. A truck driver explains why this transformation threatens everybody on the road. He points out that the people responsible for traffic accidents may be mild-mannered on the sidewalk, but that they turn into reckless speed demons on the road. To prove his point, he takes us on a breathtaking ride with one such driver.

Générique du film

David Bairstow
Don Mulholland
Don Mulholland
Lorne C. Batchelor
Peter Jones
Clarke Daprato
Nicholas Balla
Horace Clarke

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  • KnitsALot

    «The sad thing is, all his points are still valid. We need more angels and fewer Hyde's behind the wheel. But the Hyde's appear to be winning. » — KnitsALot, 14 Déc 2011

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