First Stories - His Guidance (Okiskinotahewewin)

Some Elders say, 'the drum is the heartbeat of Mother Earth.' The drum has a power that captivates and enchant us: it's a sound that few can resist.

His Guidance is the story of Rocky Morin, a drummer who first felt the pull of the drum almost 15 years ago. He hasn't looked back since.

This stirring short film examines his very personal relationship to the drum, including his first encounter with a powwow drum and how that experience ultimately changed his life.

For this proud drumkeeper, the drum is like a "kind old man," offering guidance and knowledge. The drummer shows us how he takes care of the drum - both physically and spiritually - and how it takes care of him in return.

His Guidance is a powerful reminder of the need to maintain a strong connection to one's roots and that in doing so; we continue to honour the wisdom of the Elders.

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Duane Linklater
Duane Linklater
prise de vues
Kelly Wolfert
Jeff Allen
Stan Jackson
Gerry Clarke
Scott Parker
Wolf Willow Sound
musique originale
Thundering Spirit
Bonnie Thompson
producteur exécutif
Derek Mazur


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