Finding Farley (Trailer)

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  • Leanne Allison,
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In this feature documentary, husband-and-wife team Karsten Heuer and Leanne Allison (Being Caribou), along with their 2-year-old son and dog, retrace the literary footsteps of Canadian writer Farley Mowat. They canoe east from Calgary towards the Prairies (the geography of Farley's Born Naked and Owls in the Family) and then traverse the same paths that Mowat took more than 60 years earlier in Never Cry Wolf and People of the Deer. Their epic 5,000 km journey—trekking, sailing, portaging and paddling—ends in the Maritimes, at Mowat's Nova Scotia summer home.

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Leanne Allison
Leanne Allison
Tracey Friesen
Janice Brown
directeur de la photographie
Leanne Allison
Karsten Heuer
Dennis Burke
conception sonore
Dennis Burke
Leanne Allison
Karsten Heuer
Michael Mann
monteur effets sonores
Raphael Choi
producteur exécutif
Tracey Friesen


  • WilliamD

    «loved this film.» — WilliamD, 30 Aoû 2014

  • RobRheaume

    «I just picked up the movie at Mountain Equipment Coop in Edmonton. I fell in love with Kayaking last year. My first trip was Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park. Going to do the Bowron Circuit. This documentary is outstanding. This family is incredible. Thank you for sharing this experience. What a modern day inspiration! » — RobRheaume, 19 Fév 2012

  • FluviusVivens

    «Amazing movie. Amazing adventure. Thanks!» — FluviusVivens, 3 Sep 2010

  • canoeguy

    «I had the priviledge of meeting Karsten on the Skyline Trail in Jasper a few years ago and got to share a picnic table, a couple of meals and good conversation. As a result, I've been enjoying the books and films that continually speak of the wonder, the joy, the mystery of creation and our responsibility to care... It's also great to see another family sharing adventures together. Keep it up!! » — canoeguy, 28 Aoû 2010

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