Earth to Mouth

Filmed at the Wing Fong Farm in Ontario, this documentary follows the tilling, planting and harvesting of Asian vegetables destined for Chinese markets and restaurants. On 80 acres of land, Lau King-Fai, her son and a half-dozen migrant Mexican workers care for the plants. For Yeung Kwan, her son, the farm represents personal and financial independence. For his mother, it is an oasis of peace. For the Mexican workers, it provides jobs that help support their children back home.

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Lau King-Fai left China in 1994 at the age of 65 to join her son in Newcastle, Ontario and help run his farm. The Wing Fong farm produces succulent Asian vegetables for Chinese markets and restaurants across the country. thanks in part to the similarity of the soil in Canada and China. Mexican workers, who simply cannot support their families back home, are employed to help cultivate the land. This beautiful film shows two vastly different cultures working together to make the farm a success.

— Albert Ohayon

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This film by director Yung Chang (Up the Yangtze) takes a gentle look at the Wing Fong (which means “forever bountiful”) Family farm in Newcastle, Ontario. What makes this film so special is the respectful way in which it presents all its subjects, from the owner to his mother to the migrant Mexican workers who come to help harvest the crop of Asian vegetables. Even though these people are from such vastly different backgrounds, everyone works together for a common purpose.

— Albert Ohayon

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    «Mother, are you happy? We love you. We eat your food cooked well in a foreign land. We know ourselves in a foreign place. America won't gloss over the cultural differences. It won't.» — krjv, 13 Sep 2012

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    «As a white person, it's really opened my eyes. I really don't hate the Latino/Latina people I see. I'm afraid to talk to you because I think YOU hate me. I am just afraid.» — krjv, 13 Sep 2012

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