Earth Keepers (Trailer)

Earth Keepers (Trailer)

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This feature documentary by Sylvie Van Brabant introduces us to Mikael Rioux, a young Québécois activist who founded Échofête, Quebec’s first environmental festival. Spurred by his passionate concern for the world his son will inherit, Rioux goes on a global quest to meet 7 visionaries with concrete solutions to ecological problems. Together, they offer a survival guide for our planet and a journey back to hope.

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    Sylvie Van Brabant
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    Sylvie Van Brabant
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    Sylvie Van Brabant
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    Katerine Giguère
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    Charles Dax Hickson
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    Dominique Sicotte
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    Claude Beaugrand
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    Saad Malik
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    Mikael Rioux
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    André Simoneau
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    Lise Wedlock
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    Geneviève Bouchard
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    Sylvie Van Brabant
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    Sylvie Van Brabant
    Peter Wintonick
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