A Dream for Kabul

This feature documentary profiles Haruhiro Shiratori, a grieving father whose only son died in the New York City World Trade Center attacks in 2001. In an effort to understand and end the cycle of violence, Shiratori sets out to visit Afghanistan in order to get to know the people and their troubled country. Over four years and on three continents, this Japanese Don Quixote relentless pursues his dream of building a cultural centre for the children of Kabul. Everywhere he goes, Shiratori speaks about the disasters the Afghan children have undergone. He preaches, persuades and fund-raises with admirable determination. This film tells the twin stories of a humanitarian project ambushed by problems and a father seeking reconciliation with his dead son.


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Générique du film

Haruhiro Shiratori
Kisho Kurokawa
Yasuhiro Nakajima
Zabiullah Naseeri
Tomoko Shiratori
Philippe Baylaucq
Philippe Baylaucq
Philippe Baylaucq
Dominique Sicotte
Philippe Lavalette
Philippe Baylaucq
Richard Lavoie
Robert Marcel Lepage
Robert Langlois
Robert Langlois
recherche de documents d'archives
Françoise de La Cressonnière
Kimi Amano
Daniel Desmarais
concepteur du son
Benoît Dame
montage sonore
Benoît Dame
Patrick Rioux
Christian Allard
Luc Léger
recherche de documents d'archives
Catherine Drolet
Nathalie Barton
Yves Bisaillon
Patricia Bergeron

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