Don't Knock the Ox

The International Ox Pull, highlight of the Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, annual fair, is a holdover from the pioneer past when oxen cleared the land and tilled the soil. These beasts of burden have lost none of their pulling power, as demonstrated when they drag tons of weight loaded on sleds (the winner pulls up to 6 tons!). Competing teams come from various parts of the Maritimes and the Northeastern United States.

Générique du film

Tony Ianzelo
Tony Ianzelo
William Canning
Richard Besse
Bill Graziadei
Torben Schioler
George Croll
Michel Descombes
Donald Douglas

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  • JanisMazerolle

    «My grandmother, Edith Pernette, is one of the secretaries at the end of the video. So neat to see her in this film. Great memories of the "Big Ex"!!» — JanisMazerolle, 15 Jan 2011

  • coquinadaily

    «A little gem of a documentary. » — coquinadaily, 27 Mai 2010

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