A Day in the Night of Jonathan Mole

A Day in the Night of Jonathan Mole

| 32 min
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This short film from director Donald Brittain tackles the subject of racial prejudice in employment, in a particularly witty fashion. It takes the form of a fantasy in the mythical country of Adanac, featuring arch bigot Jonathan Mole, Mrs. Platitude, Professor Short Sight and other characters.

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  • caméra
    John Gunn
  • son
    John Locke
    George Croll
  • musique
    Donald Douglas
  • monteur
    Kirk Jones
  • montage son
    Victor Merrill
  • scénario
    Donald Brittain
  • réalisateur
    Donald Brittain
  • producteur
    Peter Jones
  • interprète
    Michael Kane
    John Vernon
  • narration
    Michael Kane