David Thompson: The Great Mapmaker

This short film recreates the story of David Thompson – a man who, over the course of his lifetime, mapped a-million-and-a-half square miles of uncharted territory. His achievement remains unsurpassed.

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Générique du film

Bernard Devlin
producteur exécutif
Guy Glover
Charles Cohen
Michel Thomas-d'Hoste
Claude Pelletier
George Croll
Tony Lower
montage sonore
Marguerite Payette
Ivor Barry
James Douglas
Sean Mulcahy
Charles Palmer
Tony Van Bridge
Gerard Parkes
Roland Chenail
Kahn Tineta Horn
Lawrence Dane

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  • tmac-sjk

    «It's a shame that the only way to bring Canadian history alive to my students is with a B&W film as old as I am. Yes, it's dated and it doesn't explore the bigger picture very well as we like to do these days, but it's all we have!» — tmac-sjk, 12 Mai 2014

  • Daisy444

    «Well-made! I wished I had lived back then. Thompson studied under the tutelage of Philip Turnor; HBC surveyor who travelled alongside Samuel Hearne and together they published journals of their explorations.. It's nice to hear Turnor is given honourable mention here. » — Daisy444, 23 Avr 2012

  • mommalynn111

    «Loved this film, hope to see more. This Great Mapmaker I am proud to say was my Great Great grandfather on my Grandmother's side. There is proof of this.» — mommalynn111, 19 Nov 2011

  • tigercubii

    «Great film of a great man.» — tigercubii, 25 Avr 2011

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