Dashan - Ambassador to China's Funny Bone

This documentary introduces us to Mark Rowswell, a Canadian comedian virtually unknown in his own country who has an enormous following in mainland China, where he is known as Dashan.

The film provides a unique look at China through the eyes of a man who has become fully at home in Chinese culture—his appearances on national television have been known to draw up to 600 million viewers. It shows Rowswell performing, talking about his art and popularity, and discussing the West’s role in the development of the new China.

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Guy Nantel
Iolande Cadrin-Rossignol
Joanne Carrière
Martin Leclerc
Richard Lavoie
José Heppell
montage sonore
Stéphane Labonté
mixage son
Serge Boivin
Marco Giannetti


  • 5qzi

    «Dashan is indeed popular in China. It is also widely known that he has a happy family. » — 5qzi, 18 Aoû 2010

  • 5qzi

    «Dashan is really popular in China and has great reputation. It is widely known that he has a happy family. As a Chinese, I am dwarfed by him in terms of Chinese. » — 5qzi, 18 Aoû 2010

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