Churchill's Island

This film won the NFB its first Oscar® and was also the first documentary to win this coveted award. It presents the strategy of the Battle of Britain, showing with penetrating clarity the relationships between the various forces made up the island's defenses. Here is the Royal Air Force in its epic battle with the Luftwaffe, the Navy in its stubborn fight against the raiders of sea and sky, the coastal defenses, the mechanized cavalry, the merchant seamen and behind them all, Britain's tough, unbending civilian army.

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Stuart Legg
Stuart Legg
Stuart Legg
Walter Darling
Lorne Greene
Lucio Agostini


  • «Its amazing to note the contrast between this film and the Iraq war propaganda. In this program the Nazis are portrayed as the aggressors willing to used all means to bring war to Britain. The British are shown to be more peaceful and defensive. They were simply trying to survive the onslaught. Now think of the whole Iraq "Shock and Awe" concept and ask which of these two roles the US more closely resembles.» — goldenrule, 11 Mar 2011

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