Cherry Orchard ,The (Trailer)

Cherry Orchard ,The (Trailer)

                                    Cherry Orchard ,The (Trailer)
| 5 min
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This radio play from the L.A. Theatre Works series presents Anton Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard. Chekhov’s masterful last play is a work of timeless, bittersweet beauty about the fading fortunes of an aristocratic Russian family and their struggle to maintain their status in a changing world. Alternately touching and farcical, this subtle, intelligent play stars Marsha Mason and Hector Elizondo.

Recording top screen and stage actors in state of the art productions, L.A. Theatre Works transforms great works of theatre into intimate, compelling, and sound-rich plays. Its Audio Theatre Collection is the largest of its kind in the world.

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  • réalisateur
    Rosalind Ayres
  • producteur
    Susan Albert Loewenberg
  • auteur
    Anton Chekhov
  • acteur
    Jordan Baker
    Jon Chardiet
    Michael Cristofer
    Tim DeKay
    Charles Durning
    Hector Elizondo
    Jeffrey Jones
    Christy Keefe
    Marsha Mason
    Amy Pietz
    Joey Slotnick
    Jennifer Tilly