The Challenge in Old Crow

The Challenge in Old Crow

| 54 min
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This documentary focuses on the Yukon's Far North, where 280 Aboriginal people live in the village of Old Crow. Deep in this wilderness, the health of the children is a source of concern—the rise in obesity, diabetes and delinquency rates underscores the extent to which health and social problems are linked. With compassion and insight, this film shows how a handful of parents took control of a situation to ensure a future for their children.

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    Georges Payrastre
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    Georges Payrastre
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    Georges Payrastre
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    Claudette Jaiko
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    Allan Code
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    Shirley Claydon
    Hélène Girard
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    Claude Chevalier
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    Philippe Lapointe
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    John Blerot
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    Kathleen Fee
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    Hubert Fielden
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    Serge Boivin
    Jean Paul Vialard
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    Georgette Duchaine
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    Claudette Jaiko