Canada Vignettes: Faces

This short animation attempts to show the landscape of Canadians through a series of transforming faces -- young, old and from many different backgrounds, illustrating the great variety of people living in the country.

Extrait de la sélection : Canada’s Diverse Cultures

Using a series of drawn images, this clever one-minute film simply shows that whether we are Black, White, Inuit, woman, man or child, we are all Canadian. Former prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau even makes a cameo appearance!

— Albert Ohayon

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Paul Bochner
Paul Bochner
Wolf Koenig
producteur exécutif
Peter Katadotis
Robert Verrall


  • Rogenian

    «I always loved this as a kid! So glad to find it here. Does anyone know who the flautist is that was playing the fugue?» — Rogenian, 6 Jan 2016

  • hk7991

    «The music is an arrangement of the finale chorale of Bach's Cantata BWV 161.» — hk7991, 24 Fév 2015

  • Lurker

    «I haven't seen this is years and years... it still works for me. Its good to see that not everything goes obsolete in 5 years.» — Lurker, 30 Jui 2012

  • galaward

    «Does anyone recognize the fugue? I looked in the credits to see if it was a Bach fugue - I don't see any reference to it.» — galaward, 5 Mar 2012

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