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This short documentary looks at how an entire community mobilized to improve the cafeteria menu at a primary school in Cocagne, New Brunswick. Rallying behind this noble cause, residents put their shoulder to the wheel, promoting products from local farmers over those of multinational corporations. Everyone gets involved to make healthy eating a common goal as well as a learning opportunity.

This film was made as part of the Tremplin program, in collaboration with Radio-Canada.

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  • participant
    Linda Dalpé
    Rachel Schofield Martin
    Rachel Allain
    Patrick Henderson
    Roger Richard
    Jacob Goguen
    Chantal Boucher
    Ronald Duguay
    William Breau
    Eugenio Bozzo
  • réalisateur
    Francine Hébert
  • recherchiste
    Francine Hébert
  • writer
    Francine Hébert
  • *
    Renée Blanchar
  • caméra
    Mario Paulin
  • prise de son
    Serge Arseneault
  • montage image
    Pamela Gallant
  • conception sonore
    Daniel Toussaint
  • *
    Daniel Toussaint
  • musique originale
    Daniel Toussaint
  • *
    Luc Léger
  • enregistrement du bruitage
    Lise Wedlock
  • producteur
    Maryse Chapdelaine
  • producteur exécutif
    Dominic Desjardins