Bronwen & Yaffa (Moving Towards Tolerance)

This documentary presents two young women from Halifax who are organizing rock concerts to raise money for the group Eastcoast Against Racism. Bronwen and Yaffa believe that the universal language of music will help unite the community. At the same time, they struggle to renew their friendship with Scott, a former Ku Klux Klan member. This moving film is set against a vibrant soundtrack of punk and rap music.

Extrait de la sélection : Canada’s Diverse Cultures

Three extraordinary young people from Halifax unite to fight racism. Bronwen and Yaffa are alarmed to see how much racism is prevalent in their home town. Not content to sit around, they organize the Eastcoast Against Racism benefit concert and invite Scott, who just recently left the Ku Klux Klan, to tell his story. A powerful documentary that shows that people can work together and preach the message of tolerance, regardless of their ethnic background.

— Albert Ohayon

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Peter d'Entremont
Mike Mahoney
producteur exécutif
Marilyn A. Belec
Don Haig
Robert Guertin
Michael Koszyca
Dean Brousseau
Alex Salter
Jane Porter
Frank Kavanagh
Holly Fitzgerald
Tim Reed
Allan Scarth
Joanne Napier
Cory Bowles
John Rosborough


  • RravenN

    «What phenominal young women Bronwen & Yaf were (& are!). I'm not just saying that cause they were Very Close Friends to me. It kills me that I missed out on this entirely - I think I was in Northern Ontario (thoroughly "Lost" myself...)!? But WOW!! They worked their butts off & they actually DID SOMETHING - going to those schools, talking to ALL the people/strangers/kids, different ages, colours, races, etal., on the streets of Halifax - I remember how people looked at you when I was a "punk rocker" or whatever the F*@& name you want to use! And Scott! Way 2 Go man... it took guts to get up on that stage & admit to being, EVEN "ex", Ku Klux Klan.... swallowing all that Evil bile of racist hate, AND living to tell the tale!» — RravenN, 14 Jan 2012

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