Blue Suns

A walk in the woods become a metaphoric journey in Chloé Leriche's short film. As a solitary figure moves through the forest, the texture of stone, the movement of water, all the infinite pageantry of the natural world is captured in its richness and detail. With the help of an orchestrated soundscape and composed cinematography, Blue Suns catches the miracle and mystery of this world as it unfolds.

This film was produced in partnership with VANOC and Canada CODE for the 2010 Cultural Olympiad.


Chloé Leriche
Chloé Leriche
Anne-Marie Rocher
concepteur du son
Daniel Toussaint
Daniel Toussaint
directeur de la photographie
Julien Fontaine
montage son
Daniel Toussaint
Jean Paul Vialard
Luc Léger
producteur exécutif
Jacques Turgeon


  • Damir

    «is a poem, a "hai-kai, made ​​up of sounds, images and my feelings.» — Damir, 11 Mai 2011

  • carlophile

    «Un rapprochement intime avec la nature. Un poème à l'âme débordante d'une grande richesse d'être.» — carlophile, 30 Mai 2010

  • baba jaga

    « i love the forest! this video is great. it perfectly reflects nature vibe, majesty and calm» — baba jaga, 11 Mar 2010

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