Being Caribou

Being Caribou

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In this feature-length documentary, husband and wife team Karsten Heuer (wildlife biologist) and Leanne Allison (environmentalist) follow a herd of 120,000 caribou on foot across 1500 km of Arctic tundra. In following the herd's migration, the couple hopes to raise awareness of the threats to the caribou's survival. Along the way they brave Arctic weather, icy rivers, hordes of mosquitoes and a very hungry grizzly bear. Dramatic footage and video diaries combine to provide an intimate perspective of an epic expedition.

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  • réalisateur
    Leanne Allison
    Diana Wilson
  • *
    Leanne Allison
    Diana Wilson
  • producteur
    Tracey Friesen
  • monteur
    Janice Brown
  • prise de vues
    Leanne Allison
  • *
    Dennis Burke
  • supervision sonore
    Gael MacLean
  • prise de son
    Leanne Allison
    Karsten Heuer
  • animation
    Shelley McIntosh
  • mixeur du repiquage
    Gashtaseb Ariana
  • participant
    Stanley Njootli
    James Itzi
    Peter Josie
    Randall Tetlichi
    Walt Audie
  • producteur exécutif
    Rina Fraticelli