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The filmmaker of this short documentary used his cellphone camera to shoot these scenes in Costa Rica. He reflects on the dichotomy of nature versus technology. Part of the MobiDOCS: Confessions in a Digital Age series.

Manifesto Point # 5: Use whatever medium suits – video, photography, World Wide Web, cellphones, iPods or just pen and paper. It can all be documentary. Away is a very short film shot on a cellphone. Director Peter Mettler meditates on the dichotomy between nature and technology in the Costa Rica rainforest. It’s haunting and beautiful.

Katerina Cizek
De la sélection : Manifesto for Interventionist Media - because Art is a Hammer

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    Peter Mettler
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    Peter Mettler
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    Peter Mettler
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    Peter Mettler
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    Elizabeth Klinck
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  • siricarter

    can't play the film :(

    siricarter, 29 Déc 2015
  • Jayjaynfb

    really enjoyed that thank you

    Jayjaynfb, 6 Fév 2013