Avenue Zero

Human trafficking is a reality: Asian girls are enslaved in suburban massage parlors; domestic workers toil like slaves in suburban homes; girls in a Montreal subway station are lured into prostitution; Vancouver gangs recruit Honduran boys to sell drugs. Featuring candid interviews with victims, witnesses and perpetrators, Avenue Zero weaves a spellbinding portrait of a dark and sinister trade flourishing in the shadows of the law.

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Cee Jai
Francisco Rico Martinez
Benjamin Perrin
Dave Dickson
Alice Lee
Nancy Brown
Alexandra Pierre
Jerly Paswal
Lina Akoury
Isabelle Girardin
Annie Robert
Magdala Turpin
Guy Bianchi
Lynn Dion
Shelley Taylor
Dorly Fisher
Hélène Choquette
Hélène Choquette
Kat Kosiancic
Hélène Choquette
directeur de la photographie
Joël Provencher
André Boisvert
Jeff Carter
Chantal Rhéaume
Dominic Lessard
musique originale
Anthony Rozankovic
ingénieur du son
Claude Beaugrand
Lise Wedlock
Luc Boudrias
Marcel Simard
Hélène Choquette


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    «@nyancho1 - This film is part of our CAMPUS educational offer, which is a paid subscription. However, there's a good chance your school has a subscription. You can check with them to find out.» — jmatlin, 23 Mai 2013

  • nyancho1

    «Can u please tell me why this video is not free to watch all of a sudden have to pay. That is not right, I am a student and I was trying to show my class about the issues within our own country, how you put a price on a important video like this? of course no one is going to pay.» — nyancho1, 27 Avr 2013

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