Artist in Montreal

This short film introduces us to the "automatistes," followers of an abstract art form that developed in Montreal. The movement, initiated by Paul-Émile Borduas, is explained by the artists themselves when narrator Bruce Ruddick drops in at their cooperative studio. The film also captures painter Paterson Ewen at his home and joins the crowd at L'Échouerie, the artists' rendezvous spot. Dr. Robert Hubbard, chief curator of the National Gallery of Canada, comments on non-objective art in general and automatism in particular.

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Générique du film

Jean Palardy
Jean Palardy
producteur exécutif
Robert Anderson
Walter A. Sutton
E.C.H. Muir
John Locke
David Mayerovitch
Gwen Barnhill
Bruce Ruddick
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson
Bruce Ruddick

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  • Ponkus

    «This movie is great. I love that unctuous narrator, towering over people, occasionally misunderstanding completely what he's being told, but unfailingly gracious and polite, as when he bids a roomful of artists good night and drifts from the room still clutching his microphone. » — Ponkus, 1 Fév 2010

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