Shining Mountains - The Ancient Ones

Shining Mountains - The Ancient Ones

                                    Shining Mountains - The Ancient Ones
| 47 min
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This documentary from the Shining Mountains series follows mountain guide, pilot and cinematographer Guy Clarkson on an ecological journey through the Rockies. Clarkson explores the area’s rock, ice, flora and fauna, which have, for eons, adjusted without complaint to every fluctuation in the natural order of things. Since the arrival of Europeans, however, the damage to ecosystems and tribes alike has approached a point of no return. From the glaciers of the Columbia Ice Fields, to the wolf packs of Yellowstone National Park, to the sacred hunting grounds of the Blackfoot nations, Clarkson finds perspective in the wisdom of the experts and elders who know this region best.

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  • réalisateur
    Guy Clarkson
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    Guy Clarkson
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    Michael Kot
    Graydon McCrea
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    Bonnie Thompson
  • caméra
    Guy Clarkson
    René J. Collins
    Glen Crawford
    Bob Landis
    Patrick Morrow
    Douglas Munro
    Art Raham
    Roger Vernon
    A.J. Vesak
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    Paul Mortimer
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    Bruce Leitl
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    Guy Clarkson
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    Richard Hertle
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    Louise Overy
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    Bonnie Hamilton
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    Holly Quan
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