23 Skidoo

This short black-and-white film shows eerie scenes of a downtown without people. The effect is disturbing. The camera shoots familiar urban scenes, without a soul in sight: streets empty, buildings empty, yet everywhere there is evidence of recent life and activity. At the end of the film we learn what has happened.

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Julian Biggs
Julian Biggs
producteur exécutif
Guy Glover
Paul Leach
Ted Haley
Julian Biggs
Kathleen Shannon


  • Majore-Hoo-Hoo

    «This era presents itself and exposes a new form of apocalyptic fear. The weapons used in current war strategies do not threaten life as the ultimate loss, (because that has been researched, archived, patented, reengineered, diversified, mass-produced and freed from any ultimate long-term danger) but in this new world order, what is threatened is the security and livelihood of collective knowledge. Where has the knowledge gone? Just what sort of invisible weapon in this covert war is responsible for this Western world's post-knowledge Apocalypse?» — Majore-Hoo-Hoo, 12 Mai 2011

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